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Cylinder Head Full Roller Rocker High Lift 1.5 Ratio

Cylinder Head Full Roller Rocker High Lift 1.5 Ratio

Cylinder Head Full Roller Rocker High Lift 1.5 Ratio
Roller rocker assembly. 1.5 Hi-Lift with roller tips and bearings for 1275cc and large bore.

The ultimate lightweight alloy valve gear, giving maximum efficiency, cutting down side loading on the valve stem, and reducing friction and wear while increasing rigidity. The 1.5 hi-lift keeps valves open approximately 20% more at any given point, although opening and closing periods remain the same.

For the small bore range, the standard 'S' 1.3 ratio is optimum.

The 1.5 lift vastly improves volumetric efficiency and therefore power output. When fitted to a 1275cc or large bore engine it gives the equivalent of fitting a mild camshaft. The alloy rockers have hard chrome roller tips and dual needle roller bearings that sit on a special rocker shaft. The rollers are offset in the arms to link up with the valve stems in large bore heads. A budget type using identical rocker arm castings but with original bronze bushes is also available in 1.5 ratio only.
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Created: January 30, 2000
The new generation of short period, high lift cams have been developed to give the best results in large bore engines when used in conjunction with 1.5 ratio, hi-lift rockers. For the small bore range, the stock 1.3 ratio is optimum. In certain instances ratios of 1.7 to 1 are of benefit - but is really only applicable to fully developed race engines.
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