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Front Lower Arms On Car Adjustable Mini & Mini Cooper S

Front Lower Arms On Car Adjustable Mini & Mini Cooper S

Front Lower Arms On Car Adjustable Mini & Mini Cooper S
One piece, forged, fully on car adjustable lower arms (with joint for bushes) to allow adjustment for any camber setting required. Sold in pairs only.
By discarding the eyelet for the bushes, you can fit spherical joint/rose joint ends for race use. Makes all other arms obsolete!
See C-AJJ3360A for 'on-car' adjustable lower arms with heim-joints.
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Created: June 21, 2007
Mini Spares has now further improved it's quality one-piece forged adjustable bottom front suspension arm to be on-car adjustable and accept all types of non-rod-end (Rose joint) bushings by including a purpose-forged trunnion. Safety critical, the one-piece forging is of the highest quality; fa...
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Created: February 20, 2001
The Mini has consistently more than proven its capability in competition with very limited and cost-effective modifications based on the standard equipment fitted.
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Strong and stable
I have these lowers along with the 21A1091 Heavy Duty tierods. They are super easy to adjust and they have stayed absolutely set through very hard daily driving and one engine change. They are the least expensive option in adjustable lowers yet are more than adequate. After a lot of reading on the Brit forums a favorite setup is 3.8 deg caster and 1.5 to 2 deg neg. camber. At 1.8 neg. camber I am not only very pointed on the freeway but the front really digs in on hard cornering. On 008's after a year I am still not noticing wear on the inside like so many guys like to waggle their fingers about. Tracking is straight ahead on the front and rear. Take care to make sure you are not toe-out at all on the rear...that is the one that will really get you.
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