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Negative Camber 1.5 Degrees Lower Front Arm Kit Pair

Negative Camber 1.5 Degrees Lower Front Arm Kit Pair

Negative Camber 1.5 Degrees Lower Front Arm Kit Pair
Lower suspension arms to give 1.5 degrees of negative camber. Sold in pairs only.
Negative camber lower arms are specifically forged in different degrees to give 1.5 (C-AJJ3364), 2.0 (C-AJJ3364A) or 2.5 degrees (C-AJJ3364B) more negative camber. All are heat-treated and crack-tested for safety.
Negative camber on the front of the Mini will make the car handle (& turn) much better than stock. A stock Mini will have as much as 1 degree positive camber (the top of the tire leans out from the car more than from the bottom). See C-AJJ3363 for adjustable lower arms, and C-AJJ3365 for adjustable tie rods.
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Fixed negative camber bottom arms, C-AJJ3364
Created: January 29, 2000
These are a direct replacement for the standard bottom arms and will add 1½° of negative camber to whatever the car has as standard - quoted by the manufacturers as being 1° positive, + 1°. If the car has 1° positive, fitting the negative camber arms will give ½° camber. Measuring what the car has with standard arms will help determine what camber setting will be achieved by using C-AJJ3364. Negative camber helps reduce under steer, therefore improving the cars cornering performance.
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