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Inner Liner Front Wheel Arch , Pair

Inner Liner Front Wheel Arch , Pair

Inner Liner Front Wheel Arch , Pair
Plastic protection arches for under Front wings arches, new design. Saves all the road debris and water collecting under the wings that ultimately rot the windscreen to wing bulk head corners and soften road noise down. These have been fitted to all minis but on cars from 1990 with electric fans you have to trim a little away from the front area to make sure that the air flow from the electric fan is not blocked-they clear charcoal canisters etc ok.
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Installing Inner Wheel Arch Liner Kit
Created: May 14, 2013
Wheel arch liner kit CAML01 is designed to fit all classic minis however they do need some modifications to ensure an exact fit. This guide is written such that anyone considering purchasing a set of these wheel liners will understand how well they fit and what is required to install a set.
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