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Coil-over Kit Spax Lowered

Coil-over Kit Spax Lowered

Coil-over Kit Spax Lowered
Part No: CK18
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Coil-over Kit Spax
$1595.00 Coil-over Kit Spax
A complete kit of coil springs and shocks to replace the old suspension rubber cones and trumpets. This is an adjustable set up for lowered height cars with full fitting instructions....This kit really does transform a mini suspension and has been safely used for many years without problems.
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Created: January 28, 2006
The Origins of SPAX SPAX has been making suspension for the past 50 years, we are one of the best known manufacturers in the world. Named after a Somerset village called Spaxton. SPAX were the first company to produce on-car adjustable dampers and patented the idea. 10 Reasons to Buy 1. We are all mad……..about performance!. All of the team that works at SPAX are all confirmed petrolheads, whether they are into racing, classics, modified cars or even bikes, everyone is passionate in one way or another and our products and company reflect this.
SPAX frequently asked questions
Created: January 28, 2006
Frequently Asked Questions How do I adjust my rear telescopic dampers? There is a knob or a screwdriver adjustment at the bottom of each damper. If you turn the adjuster fully anticlockwise it will be on the lowest setting, then turn the adjuster clockwise - On our newer dampers there will be 28 points of adjustment and on our older dampers 14. You need to count the clicks, as once the maximum damping has been reached, the adjuster will keep turning. Always adjust both dampers an equal number of clicks.
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