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Front Bush 1300 Primary Gear - Mini Cooper & S

Front Bush 1300 Primary Gear - Mini Cooper & S

Front Bush 1300 Primary Gear - Mini Cooper & S
The 'primary' gear of the Mini is the first gear out of the engine that transfers the power to the transmission. The clutch disc is slip splined onto this gear. The large ID gear rotates on the nose of the crankshaft and has bronze bushes for the bearing surface. As these bushes wear, not only do you get noise from the gearbox area but the chances of destroying a much more expensive gearbox increases dramatically. The bush on the 'front' is at the end closest to the engine and has NO flange. It has the bigger ID of the two bushes. It takes a lot of load as this is the driven end where it engages the idler gear.
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Created: April 13, 2001
With the cost of new primary gears spiralling ever upwards, and the availability of good, serviceable used ones, fitting new bushes to existing gears is becoming a more common solution.
Created: December 01, 2000
Although not of immediate interest to many road-runners/street-burners, mainly accorded to the racing scene, it seems to be a perplexing problem to a very large number of folk around the world, and has burned up plenty of telephone time.
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