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Hs4 Carb With Wax Stat (post 1980) Rebuilt

Hs4 Carb With Wax Stat (post 1980) Rebuilt

Hs4 Carb With Wax Stat (post 1980) Rebuilt

Hs4 Carb With Wax Stat (post 1980) Rebuilt

Hs4 Carb With Wax Stat (post 1980) Rebuilt
This HS4 SU Carb (1 1/2") mounts to any HS4 intake manifold as used on the Mini & Mini Cooper and for jetting uses the 90 thou fixed style SU needle. This SU carb provides wasy adjustment of the carb mixture, and even utilizes the SU 'Lifting pin' for fine tuning. It also utilizes the 1980 and later style 'Wax Stat' jet tube. The SU carb comes with all new seals, gaskets, needle and seat, wax stat jet tube assembly and new throttle shaft bushings if needed. All parts are inspected, cleaned and polished. This may come with the upgraded jet tube assembly as used on the earlier SU mini.see FZX3003/REB
Technical Information:
The Carb Shop

Now Open!

Is that old carburetor of yours tired, leaking, dirty? Is your fuel mileage or performance not what it should be? We have the solution!

Mini Mania is proud to announce the opening of the Carb Shop.

We now offer in house carburetor rebuilding, specializing in HS & HIF, SU models.

You can order an exchange unit, or we can rebuild your carb.single or duels to your specs. We also have complete fuel system upgrade kits for increased performance and reliability. The rebuilding process includes a complete dismantling and inspection, cleaning and, replacing ofworn or damaged parts; new gaskets, seals, o-rings, needle and seats are installed in every carburetor, and new throttle shafts and plates, jet tubes, floats, and needles, are replaced if requested or needed. We can also re-bush for throttle shaft play if requested or needed. Then they are polished, assembled, and set to the model specifications. Technical assistance is available to help with your carburetor needs with over 30 years experience in the field. We will also buy old used carbs.for cash anytime, call for details.

Call today for details or order online and thanks for shopping with Mani Mania.




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