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Verto Clutch Disc For Mini & Mini Cooper After May 1990

Verto Clutch Disc For Mini & Mini Cooper After May 1990

Verto Clutch Disc For Mini & Mini Cooper After May 1990
"Verto" clutch. This is your clutch disc (190mm diameter). If for any reason you have your clutch apart then it only makes sense to install a new disc- why go thru the effort twice! This disc is for cars made after May 1990. For 1982-1990 see GCP271.
Technical Information:
CLUTCH PLATES - Verto types, including injection

There is only one original Verto/Valeo clutch plate and is fashioned more like a ‘conventional’ clutch plate - it has a sprung centre section. Four springs around the centre section of the plate take up shock, and supposedly reduce the likelihood of judder. It was an attempt by Rover to improve the clutch take-up and engagement to make is more like a 'modern' car. Except it didn't. The engagement feels wooly at best, and judders horribly at worst. They even went as far as making two plates, one for small-bore, one for big-bore. The difference being the centre spring tensions! From experience, judder is caused by undulating flywheel/pressure plate surfaces, or ‘breakfast cereal packet’ lined non-genuine plates. It's OK, but if any warming up of the engines output is considered, definitely go for the pre Verto plate. This will fit with the Verto set-up and is a cheaper into the bargin. The Metro Turbo had a Verto flywheel type, but the clutch had the more familiar solid centre of the pre Verto assembly. Guess that illustrates the break-point in capability quite nicely - the Turbo unit putting out 90-95 lb ft of torque. Whilst it is entirely possible to fit any of the other up-rated/performance clutch plates to the Verto/Valeo set-up, they simply won't work because the diaphragm spring arrangement will not provide sufficient clamping pressure.

Useful part numbers:

GCP204AF - Standard per Verto plate, 180mm diameter
GCP90311AF - Standard small-bore plate - Verto/Valeo, 184mm diameter
GCP90832AF - Standard big-bore plate - Verto/Valeo, 190mm diameter

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