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Adjustable Rear Camber Kit For Mini & Mini Cooper

Adjustable Rear Camber Kit For Mini & Mini Cooper

Adjustable Rear Camber Kit For Mini & Mini Cooper
As the car turns and the body leans the tire can lose traction as it no longer is making full contact with the road. When the top of the wheel leans in toward the center of the car it's called negative camber; typically a necessary set-up for competition or hard driving. Negative camber at the rear can be just as important as the front and stock rear is often at 0º or even positive! The control of rear camber is by the outer bracket for the rear radius arm which is bolted to the rear subframe. We offer two methods for changing the rear camber; MS69 is a pair of fixed brackets that only require bolting in place to provide an extra 1.5º of negative camber from the original setting; MS70 is adjustable camber only; MS73, the ultimate option, allows for completely adjustable camber AND rear toe-in.
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