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Seat Belt Auto - Grey
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Seat Belt Auto - Grey
Seat Belt Auto - Grey

Seat Belt Auto - Grey

Seat Belt Auto - Grey
Auto retractable seat belt kit. Sold per seat. By providing both the lap belt and the shoulder belt this kit provides both the safety and comfort required for today's modern highways. The retracting mechanism easily bolts behind the front seats and when the buckle is pulled down from above your shoulder it easily snaps into the socket mounted between the seats. Looks great, works even better!
The manufacturer states that these belts are direct replacements for the pre tensioner types fitted in Europe. It will arrest the wearer within the same tolerances without a need for a pretensioner
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Seat Belt Auto - Grey
Seat Belt Auto - Grey
Technical Information:
Classic Mini Interior Restoration
classic mini interior restorationWhether you are building your Mini from the ground up, or (like most of us) simply doing a rolling restoration, you can take advantage of our 40+ years of knowledge, experience, and parts selection to ensure you get the job done right! While we won't be covering all the nitty-gritty aspects of removing, repairing, and cleaning, we will go over all the major areas where we can help you repair, replace, or upgrade your Minis various interior appointments. The areas are presented in the order of easy/affordable to difficult/expensive.

Interior Trim

  • Handles - You may have noticed that the stock plastic window winders and handles are prone to breaking and cracking. You can choose to keep the stock look or upgrade to Billet Aluminum or even Walnut Burl! This is a quick and easy way to dress up your Minis interior. - shop handles -
  • Shift Knobs - Replace with the original or upgrade to leather, wood, or aluminum! - shop shift knobs -
  • Dash - Whether you need some replacement air vent rings or you want to upgrade your dash to a wood or aluminum version, we've got you covered. If you need replacement bezels and clips, we've got those too!- shop dash -
  • Steering Wheel - Nothing feels better than a new steering wheel in your grip! We've got a great selection for you to choose from.- shop steering wheels -
  • Guages - If you've replaced your dash and steering wheel, why not polish it off with a fresh set of new gauges?- shop guages -

Interior Upholsteryseat

  • Seat Belt- Is your seatbelt looking a little frayed and tired? Latch not working as it should? We've got replacements! For the oldest Minis with lap belts as well as newer three point systems.- shop seatbelts -
  • Seats - There are a plethora of options when it comes to seats. You can choose to recover your seats with one of our kits or replace your seats with one of our aftermarket options.- shop seats -
  • Visors - Tired of worn and faded visors that won't stay in the up position? We've got replacements in Cream, Grey, White, and Black! - shop visors -

Interior Carpeting

  • Carpet - Replace that threadbare carpet using one of our kits! We have the carpet kits, soundproof kits, and carpet clips to make take your Mini up a notch closer to what it was when it was brand new! - shop carpet clips -
  • Floor Mats - Make sure to protect that new carpet with new floor mats. - shop floor mats -

"Unfair though it may seem, any car is judged by most people first by the amount of shine on the bodywork (and nevermind what is beneath the shine, or how long it is likely to last!) and secondly by the condition of the interior. You can rest assured that few people other than those who are in the know, will understand or care about the attention you have lavished on your car's structural soundness or the sweetness of the gearbox. However, the consolation of preparing an attractive interior is that it's one place where your hard work will be commented upon."
Source: - Haynes Restoration Manual

Restoring your interior can be a very rewarding project. If you need assistance along the way, be sure to let us know! We are here to help answer your questions!

Good luck and happy motoring!carpet

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good universal seat belt
I purchased this belt from mini mania as a replacement for the same belt installed on my 1962 mk1. Its actually a universal kit made in England for a wide variety of small cars, most of which you will probably never see. The instructions give fairly extensive diagrams of how to install the belt on different cars and arrangements. With the variety of included hardware, instructions and some creativity the belt bolts up very nicely and securely. *Warning*: check the direction of the upper belt bracket, I had to buy this belt to replace my current passenger belt which has the upper bracket installed backwards at the factory. There is no way to twist it around to make it work correctly, its simply assembled wrong and makes the belt difficult to use, though it has been installed for years. So check carefully against your car, the bracket should curve AWAY from the car body to push the belt away from the car.
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