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Exhaust Valve 1.15 Late 3 Triple Groove Keeper

Exhaust Valve 1.15 Late 3 Triple Groove Keeper

Exhaust Valve 1.15 Late 3 Triple Groove Keeper
Part No: TAM1061
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As it is possible, even common, to swap one head for another on 1275 engines, it is quite easy to become confused, or worse yet, confuse the parts-guy when it is time to order new valves! Be aware that if the head has been worked on previously, it may have oversize valves; it may have undersize it seats have been installed. Unless you are 100% sure what is in your cylinder head, it is a good idea to remove a valve for accurate measurement. There are two lengths used (nominally 3.44" & 3.56") three different keepers, (wide, narrow, and three-groove) and many different head diameters! These valves are in stock at Mini Mania! Exhaust valves 12G1316 (Smog-Type), all variations of the 12G940, and the latest CAM head castings all use the following 3.56" long valves.
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MSE6 - POST 1992 unleaded stage 2 (Road Rocket) large-bore head
Created: October 23, 2000
Modified to give maximum performance gain for cost. Combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust ports extensively re-worked. Stone-ground finish in ports promotes ultimate fuel atomisation. Three-angle valve seats in head. Super-quality MG Metro valves modified to increase airflow.
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