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Cam Bearings, Mini , Sprite & Midget

Cam Bearings, Mini , Sprite & Midget

Cam Bearings, Mini , Sprite & Midget
It's almost too simple and thus often overlooked during a rebuild. Camshaft bearings are pressed into the block and thus are usually done by a machine shop. You would not rebuild an engine without replacing the rod bearings, so why not the cam bearings? Two sizes of cam bearings; blocks with tappet covers use VPC956, those without tappet covers (eg, Austin America) use VPC989.
Sprite , Midget and Morris Minors have the same block as the Mini, thus these same cam bearings.
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Created: March 01, 2010
TECH INFORMATION FROM CLEVITE ENGINE PARTSTECHCLEVITE®/VICTOR REINZ®/PERFECT CIRCLE® For further information contact:Clevite Engine Parts Division • 1350 Eisenhower Place • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108-3388 U.S.A.TB-2078 Issued: August 16, 2001ENGINE BEARING FUNDAMENTALS PART 9 “CAMSHAFT BEARINGS”Most ...
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