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Engine Upgrade Parts (just a few)

1.5 ROCKERS  - C-AHT436
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Want Us to Rebuild Your Existing Engine?

Use our popular "We Ship It" service to make sending us your engine (or other large/heavy parts) easy and cost-effective.  You can have your own engine and gearbox refreshed by the same experts that have built our custom engines for years.  Avoid any "core charge" and potentially maintain the best value of your car by keeping it original.


Why Mini Mania

From the earliest days of Mini Mania, we've offered Mini and Mini cooper engines for sale through our engine rebuilding service.  We started out as racers after all so we're experts in Mini engine replacements and rebuilds!  We couldn't have done this for 40+ years unless we adapted to the times.  It is getting so difficult and expensive to find good units suitable for a rebuild, that the time has come to consider having your own engine and/or transmission rebuilt or consider a mini engine replacement.  The same is true for many components that were routinely replaced in the past.

Check Out Our Mini Mania Engine Shop

Mini Mania's Engine Shop is expanding to handle many of the tasks of reconditioning items in-house.  Learn More and check out the video!