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1275cc Classic Mini Vintage Racing Engine With Race Transmission

1275cc Classic Mini Vintage Racing Engine With Race Transmission

1275cc Classic Mini Vintage Racing Engine With Race Transmission
Selected: 1275cc Ultimate High Performance Racing Engine
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Built with the latest development components to ensure the best performance.

Introducing the new "Killer" series of motors from Mini Mania

Team Mini Mania has the proven experience to build you one of the most competitive motors you can find on any race track.

Built with the latest development components that ensure the best performance for the dollar.

  • A+ block with all steel main caps & 4 bolt center cap
  • EN40B Super Crankshaft with latest technology counterweights
  • Forged Steel 6" long connecting rods
  • Custom 1275cc +.047 forged pistons
  • 310SP camshaft with Adjustable Belt Drive
  • Modern technology Vibration Damper
  • Ultralight competition race flywheel
  • Full race alloy cylinder head with 1.5 ratio rockers
  • Dog engagement gearbox with Limited Slip

Call for more details - Additions, substitutions and exclusions can be discussed!

Mini Mania Engine Comparison Tool - 1275 cc

See all differences in all the 1275cc engines we create.

Cast Iron Head      
Aluminum Head    
3.4 Differential  
3.1 Differential          
3.2 Differential        
4 Speed  
5 Speed        
LCB Header      
Elec. Distributor      
Carb System      
Distributor Wires      
Duplex Timing Kit    
ARP Studs    

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More About Our 1275cc Rebuilt Engines

Our 1275cc Power Unit is a Classic Mini engine rebuild assembly from Mini Mania and is guaranteed 12 month, 12,000 miles Both the Classic Mini engine and transmission have been rebuilt with our vast experience to insure the right combination of economy and performance; you get good performance at an economical price!

The transmission is the rod change linkage type that uses inboard CV joints & 3.44:1 final drive ratio. (Special order units with the older remote shift and yoke outputs are also available!) Clutch, flywheel, and all covers are in place!

Ready To Install And Run!

Built for unleaded gas, these motors should produce between 65 and 75 horsepower (comparable to original Cooper "S") and are an easy connect to your existing intake/exhaust, cooling and electrical systems.

Interested in a 1380cc rebuilt engine?  We have those too.

Mini Mania - where Classic Mini Rebuilt Engines are for Sale

I have an 89 rover with an automatic, will this go with my transmission
No, the blocks are specific to the gearbox type. We don't rebuild Automatic blocks - it's best to swap the whole power unit to manual.

Classic Mini Part Expert
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