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Mini Mania is located in the heart of the Gold Country in Northern California's Sierra Nevada
Foothills.  What better place to drive Mini Coopers than on the twisty mountain roads of the region!

We've been in the business of providing parts and accessories for the original Classic Mini Coopers since 1974, and as a result Mini Mania is the largest US supplier of parts for the Classic Mini.  We developed performance parts for the new BMW MINI Cooper and Cooper 'S' in 2001, a year before the car was released in this country, and continue as enthusiasts and a leader in providing parts and accessories for the BMW MINI Coopers.

Whether you drive a Classic Mini Cooper or a BMW MINI Cooper, our dedicated staff works hard to provide you with a great selection of products and prices to meet your budget and your Motoring needs.  Our customers are our first priority.  We hope you enjoy doing business with us as much as we enjoy serving you.  Cheers!

Mini Mania's Heritage

Mini Mania was started in 1974 when Don Racine decided that he wanted more parts for his Mini than could be found here in the United States.  Don was racing Minis from the very start and before long had a stable of cars that required updates or restoration.  While getting parts for himself, he found that the local Mini club was also anxious for a more reliable source of parts.  Thus Mini Mania began to operate as a business.

Started in Don's garage, within two years Mini Mania moved to a building of its own in south San Jose.  We hired our first employee, and the entire inventory was kept on index cards!  By the third or fourth year in business we established our relationship with Keith Dodd of Mini Spares in London.  This relationship was the foundation of our business for years.  As the profile of suppliers evolved Mini Mania began developing relationships with suppliers all over the world.

Mini Mania almost immediately focused on the mail order sales of products.  The main thrust of the business was flyers containing technical information and special offers, written and mailed monthly.  An early adopter of computerized inventory systems, Mini Mania established its Internet site in September 1996.

After a number of years of steady growth Mini Mania expanded its product line to include Morris Minor, Austin Healey Sprite and the MG Midget.  Most recently we have greatly increased the business by developing and distributing performance parts and accessories for the new BMW MINI Cooper.

Some Highlights in Mini Mania's History:

  • 1974 - Mini Mania name was coined by Don Racine to form the start of the business
  • 1975 - First employee was hired
  • 1980 - Product line extended to include the Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget
  • 1981 - Product line further extended to include the Morris Minor range of cars.
  • 1990 - Mini Mania purchased their first dedicated warehouse in Milpitas
  • 1993 - Mini Mania further expanded to include engineering staff to provide for product development of Mini Mania exclusive products. Combined with our continuous racing involvement, our product development has meant that we are able to provide technical expertise in both products and advice.
  • 1994 - In co-operation with Mini Spares of London, Mini Mania produced its first 350 page complete product line catalog. Additional catalogs were generated to cover the Morris Minor and Sprite/Midgets.
  • 1996 - Mini Mania developed and implemented in house its first web site.
  • 1998 - Mini Mania opened a service department to allow for local support and enhance our own hands-on experience with products.
  • 1998 - Mini Mania was recognized by Rover and in particular the British Heritage Trust when we were named the sole US "Approved Specialist" for the Mini, Morris Minor and Spridget range of products. This established a direct link between Mini Mania and the factory!
  • 1999 - A new linked computer system was established between Mini Mania and Mini Spares. This resulted in a giant leap forward in the service and products that we can offer.
  • 2000 - Mini Mania moved its base of operation to Nevada City, California. Located 45 minutes east of Sacramento, Mini Mania's new building is about twice the size of the Milpitas location.
  • 2001 - Mini Mania received Federal Government permission to import the first privately owned BMW MINI Cooper in the USA, for product R&D purposes.
  • 2003 - Mini Mania introduces its first exclusive range of products for the BMW MINI Cooper & S. 
  • 2005 - Affiliate Mini Mania UK opens for business in Wales.
  • 2008 - First to offer the California Mini Moke do-it-yourself kit car...a replica based on the original Moke.

Mini Mania celebrated 20 years of internet service in 2016

Founded in 1974, Mini Mania first presented itself on the Internet in 1996.  Always a leader in information and customer service, the Internet was and continues to be a great means of giving more to our friends and customers.

Early Internet history was dominated by government institutions and the academic world.  In 1994, (20 years after Mini Mania was founded) the Internet went public.  The Mosaic web browser had been released the year before, and public interest turned to what was formerly the domain of academics and technology geeks.  Web pages began springing up, and people everywhere began realizing the enormous possibilities of an interconnected network that spanned the globe.

These early websites were more like an interactive word document than anything else, but combined with popularity of email, Internet relay chat channels and BBS-centric message boards, they became a great way for people to stay connected to friends and family and business to reach a broader audience.

  • 1974    Mini Mania is founded by Don Racine

  • 1991    The World Wide Web is launched to  the public on August 6, 1991

    1993    At the beginning of the year only 50 World Wide Web servers are known to exist

  • 1994    The World Wide Web Consortium is founded by Tim Berners-Lee to help with the development of common protocols for the evolution of the World Wide Web

  • YAHOO is created in April, 1994.

    1995   Java is introduced

  • Amazon.com is founded by Jeff Bezos

  • EBay is founded by Pierre Omidyar

  • Hotmail is started by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia.

    1996    Mini Mania introduces it's first website!

  • WebTV is introduced

    1997    Altavista introduces its free online translator Babel Fish

  • Microsoft acquires Hotmail

    1998   Google is founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page on September 7, 1998

  • PayPal is founded by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin

    2001    Mini Mania becomes the first aftermarket supplier to list BMW MINI Cooper parts on the internet.

  • Bill Gates introduces the Xbox on January 7th 2001.

    2002    Approximately 1 billion PCs been sold

  • PayPal is acquired by eBay

    2005    September 12: eBay acquires Skype

    2006    Skype announces that it has over 100 million registered users


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