60th Anniversary Mini Cooper Race Video at Portland Raceway
Created: September 23, 2019
Watch Don Racine compete at the Mini Cooper 60th Anniversary race at Portland International Raceway.
Mini Cooper Race 60th Anniversary at Silverstone Classic
Created: June 28, 2019
60 Mini's on the 60th Mini Cooper Anniversary at the Silverstone Classic.
Classic Mini Cooper Hi Performance engine parts & Sumpguards -33
Created: January 15, 2019
Built-Up short blocks for the Classic Mini make maintenance and/ot upgrades very easy. Or factory original design connecting rods and competition 4-bolt center main straps for the crankshaft are just a few of the options from the leaders in Classic Mini parts.
Classic Mini Cooper Factory Badges & Emblems page 79
Created: January 15, 2019
The Classic Mini Cooper from 1959 thru 2000 was sold with many different badges from the factory. The complete range of these emblems are not available at great prices from the largest US supplier of Classic Mini parts in the USA.
Brakes and Brake Accessories and Parts for Classic Mini
Created: August 29, 2019
Need Classic Mini (1959-2000) brake parts? Mini Mania’s got what you want. From brake upgrades to Classic Mini brake master cylinder rebuild kits . From brake pads to rotors, calipers to brake cylinders, to brake drums to brake fluid, and disc brakes to brake kits, we carry a complete line of brake parts for your Classic Mini.
Classic Mini Cooper Brake Lines & Brake Servos page 10
Created: December 28, 2018
Braided High Performance & stock Brake Lines are available for the 1959 thru 2000 models of the Classic Mini Cooper. Brake Servos were optional on many models at great prices. Technical information and guidance is available on line or phone from the experts at Minimania.com
Review of the Best-Designed Classic Mini Shifter
Created: November 18, 2019
Review of the Best-Designed Classic Mini Shifter; what makes KAD worth it?
Classic Mini Engine Accessories and Parts
Created: September 04, 2019
Mini Mania is the online home for all the best engine accessories and parts for your Classic Mini (1959-2000.) Shop the best in Classic Mini camshafts and timing gears, clutch, cooling, cylinder, engine components, exhaust, gearboxes, pistons and complete engines.
Exterior Accessories and Parts for Classic Mini
Created: August 29, 2019
Shop Classic Mini mirrors (door mirrors , tex mirror heads and torpedo heads), classic mini body parts and body kits , parts for your boot (boot lid seal, hinges, boot panels or window parts (window seals, rear side windows, weather stripping , channels, moulding kits) or panels and flares for your bumper , fender flares, front panel replacements, roof panels)
Wipers Accessories and Parts for Classic Mini
Created: August 28, 2019
Looking for the very best selection of Wipe Blades Accessories and Parts including Classic Mini Wiper Motors and Classic Mini Wiper Switches for your Classic Mini? Shop Classic Mini wiper motor upgrade, wiper switch, windscreen wipers, windscreen wipers for glasses, Lucas 2 speed wiper switch, wiper blades Lucas dr3a wiper motor, wiper motor kit, Wiper arm pulley.
Classic Mini Fuel Systems Accessories and Parts
Created: September 04, 2019
Shop Mini Mania for Classic Mini (1959-2000) fuel systems accessories and parts including Classic Mini carburetor, hoses, air filter, fuel pump and manifold.
Lowered Priced Fuel System Parts
Created: November 29, 2018
Here's our selection of fuel system parts with new lowered prices.
How-To Install a Windscreen-Windshield Classic Mini
Created: July 30, 2019
This is Dennis Racine replacing a front windscreen (windshield) on a classic Mini Clubman.
Classic Mini and New MINI History Quiz
Created: November 13, 2019
Think you know a lot about the Classic Mini and New MINI? Take this FUN quiz and find out! Hope you studied!!
Confessions of a Classic Mini Addict an Inspirational Video
Created: November 08, 2019
If you drive a Classic Mini, this is a video we made for you.
Interior Accessories and Parts for Classic Mini
Created: September 03, 2019
Shop Classic Mini (1959-2000) dashboards and dashboard parts (aftermarket dashboards), Classic Mini seats (new seats, seat covers, seat repair parts, wedding seat suspension parts), interior accessories and parts (headliner, one piece carpet, Mini Cooper shift knobs, sunvisors), rear view mirrors.
Seats, Seat Belts and More
Created: July 31, 2018
Everything you need for comfort and safety from new seats to seat belts and everything inbetween.
Austin Version of BMC Paint Color Codes
Created: April 25, 2000
Need to know the color codes for your Austin Mini? See these easy-to-use charts!
Spark Plugs for your Mini Cooper this Fall 2019
Created: October 24, 2019
If you haven't replaced your old spark plugs with new ones, this Fall season of 2019 is the perfect time to get spark plugs for your Mini Cooper. These will guarantee improved performance and ensure optimal maintenance on your Mini. Get spark plugs before the Winter season of 2019 begins!
Flluids and Filters for your Classic Mini
Created: August 22, 2019
Mini Mania is your best source for all things Classic Mini (1959-2000) Filters and Fluids. We offer the best online selection of Classic Mini Oil Filters, Classic Mini Engine Oil, Classic Mini Air Filters and all other fluids including brake fluid and hyrdolastic fluids that you would need to care for your Classic Mini.
Survey results for how often do you drive your Classic Mini
Created: April 25, 2019
How often do you drive your Classic Mini? We asked...and you responded to this FUN survey. Here are the results.
Classic Mini do you let anyone drive you car Survey Results
Created: April 18, 2019
We asked, and you let us know if you let anyone else drive your Classic Mini. These are the results to this fun driving survey
Jay Lenos Garage 1965 Morris Mini Minor
Created: February 28, 2019
In this episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay's guest Steve Nelson brings his 1965 Morris Minor that has been with him for more than 40 years.
60 Year Edition MINI
Created: January 24, 2019
All eyes will be on the 60 Year Edition MINI, a model very similar to the 2019 F55 and F56.
Tools and Car Care for Classic Mini
Created: August 28, 2019
Mini Mania is the online home for all your Classic Mini (1959-2000) needs including must-have Car Care products and Tools including Windscreen trim fitting tool, su carburetor tool kit, Mini cooper valve spring tool, Mini suspension tool, flywheel locking tool, uni syn cab sync tool.
Fathers Day Vintage Race at Black Hawk 2019
Created: June 19, 2019
A Fathers Day Vintage Race at Blackhawk with Don and his son Dennis and their Mini Coopers.
Classic Mini Suspension How To Videos Compilation
Created: October 30, 2019
See what the experts do for their Mini Suspension Projects on our How To Video Classic Mini Suspension Page.
Suspension, Shocks, Bushing , Ball Joints and more
Created: July 31, 2018
Ball Joints, Bushings-Suspension, Hydrolastic, Performance- Suspension, Shock Absorbers and More
 Classic Mini Cooper (1959 - 2000) Wheels and Tires
Created: September 03, 2019
The Easiest Way to Find Wheels and Tires for Classic Mini
How to Rotating Tires on a Mini Cooper
Created: March 15, 2019
Do you know what tires rotation is and how it helps you maximize your tire tread on your Mini Cooper?
VTEC Experts
Created: December 12, 2013
Mini Tec Honda VTEC Conversion Kit and Accessories
400HP AWD VTEC Mini Traveller!
Created: April 02, 2010
Engine - Honda K20A2 VTEC out of 2004 Acura RSX Type S