Need Your Spridget Ribcase Transmission Rebuilt?

Did you know that here at Spridget Mania we rebuild Classic Spridget Transmissions? We have a variety of rebuilt gearbox options available for your Classic. You can trust our decades of skill and experience and our technical knowledge with this important piece of your Spridgets' DNA.

Need help trying to figure out how to ship your Ribcase?

Check out the YouTube video below that we created that demonstrates the best way to package and ship this larger item.

You will need:

16x16x36 double-walled cardboard box

15 by 15 bit of plywood

Hole saw or a drill bit


Extra cardboard

Shipping/packing material

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Video Transcription

This is a good way to box up the ribcase gearboxes.  We've got a cardboard box here, it's a double walled cardboard box and inside it you can see that we've got the rib case basically bolted to a 15 by 15 bit of plywood. There's a slight hole that's drilled in it because as you know the rib case input shaft will stick out so if you just you know either use a hole saw or a drill bit that's bigger than the input shaft diameter you just sort of mark it and you can just mount that up with some bolts to that and then that'll keep it steady in the box.

Then if you just support the rear end of it, we actually are shipping this one out and we have a gear shift lever on it, so put a bit of cardboard around that. Then we're going to fill the bottom with all kinds of packing and it's going to go out in this box. The box is 16 by 16 by 36 and that seems to be a bit just about the right size for shipping one of these. If we send you one this is the way we're probably going to send it to you and if you want you can send your core back you might be able to use the same box and you could probably use the same piece of wood as well and you'll be all set so that's the way you want to do it.