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Mini Cooper R53 Camshaft Customer review Review
Created: April 11, 2008
Cam and Re-Map done today Hi there everyone, As i have mentioned on another thread that i was having MiniMania's fast road cam and re-map fitted. Well today was the day, so i woke up early and left the house at 6.45am and arrived at Mini...
European Car reviews Mini Cooper Schrick camshaft (NME6041)
Created: February 24, 2005
Performance upgrade for your Mini Cooper with a Schrick camshaft is explained in good detail.
Created: August 06, 2020
MINI Cooper 3rd generation F-Series Engine Designations - 2020 update Created: MINI COOPER ENGINE DESIGNATIONS FOR 3RD GENERATION F-SERIES MODELS - 2020 Update The 3rd generation F-series models were introduced in 2013 with the 2014 F56 Hardtop model.
Detailing The Engine & Under The Hood
Created: January 25, 2011
Did you know a detailed engine increases the resale value of your car?  It's a well-known fact that people who take the time and effort to detail their engines also take better care of their cars.
Created: August 06, 2005
Complete 1380cc Supercharged Motor Serious Horsepower for the serious driver! Mini Mania has developed and produced the ultimate in bolt-on performance for the A-Series motor. Modern technology in compressors, modern manufacturing and Mini Mania engineering have resulted in serious performance improvements unheard of in A-Series history.
Is Your Dyno Lying?
Created: August 25, 2004
Is Your Dyno Lying? Horsepower is like good luck. It can't be seen, touched, or tasted, but you know when the inventory is low. How much do you have? Go measure it.
Oil Catch Can Questions and Answers for MINI Coopers
Created: January 27, 2015
All About Oil Catch Cans
Motor Oils - It Is So Very Misunderstood - part 2
Created: August 23, 2011
I think it is time to go over passenger car automotive engine oils in detail. I will be writing several articles to be published soon so I will try to get some of it out here. I feel this is a very general topic for all car owners on this board.
MINI Cooper Turbo Upgrades for Cooper S and JCW
Created: April 01, 2021
Find a turbo upgrade for your MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper JCW.
MINI Cooper Turbo Replacements for Cooper S and JCW
Created: April 01, 2021
Find a aftermarket turbo replacement or factory turbo replacement for your MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper JCW.