Cam and Re-Map done today

Hi there everyone,

As i have mentioned on another thread that i was having MiniMania's fast road cam and re-map fitted.

Well today was the day, so i woke up early and left the house at 6.45am and arrived at MiniSpeed at 8.45am. The journey took me an extra 45min as i was stuck in traffic on the M25.

Upon arrival i met John and Steve who then took the keys to the car and proceeded with the work.

Just over 2 hours later the cam was fitted along with the MiniSpeed stage 3 re-map loaded up, at this point it was almost ready to go on the rollers to make sure the fueling was ok, but i needed a new set of spark plugs with the better heat ratting, but unfortunatley they had run out of stock!! But a quick call to their supplier and and the plugs were delivered an hour later!

Once on the rollers the power curve looked a little strange as there was a huge dip in power, but we discovered that the car was wheel spinning on the rollers, so to solve this the tyres were heated up.

A few runs later and a little print out of the Mini's power and torque came out and showed 232bhp and 271NM of torque which i was very happy with concidering the mods i have done:

15% pulley, alta pannel filter, NGK plugs, MiniMania manifold, GTT re-route pipe, MiniMania fast road cam and MiniSpeed stage 3 re-map.

Driving home and coming out of the first junction from the industrial estate where MiniSpeed is, i berried my right foot into the carpet to see what 232bhp felt like, and i was shocked at how smooth the engine rev'd and how quiet it was, the pull was not so much of a "nothing nothing nothing then walop", it was very torquey down low and held exactly the same pulling strength from 3500rpm right the way to the red line.

Then crusing down the motorway at 9*mph in 6th i floored it again and the pull even at that speed in that gear is mind blowing to say the least. Its a very strange but very drivable power delivery!

To anyone thinking of getting a cam fitted i would totally recommend it!! and with MiniMania's cam at such good value its hard not to get it done!



Camshaft testingMini Mania Camshaft testing

Mini Mania Camshaft testing 2