Why Should You Choose An Aluminum Head?

Any aluminum head will have advantages in lighter weight and better cooling due to aluminum being able to shed heat better than iron.   For the Mini (or Sprite) in particular there are additional advantages that address the weaknesses of the standard heads:

1. The aluminum heads have the valves cast further apart. This allows enough room to install seats under both valves, making the head more durable for unleaded fuel.

2. The wider valve spacing allows the installation of much bigger valves, which is a huge advantage in performance building and large engine displacements.

3. The heads are brand-new, avoiding the compromise of worn out, over-machined, old and damaged castings.

4. Aluminum works with higher compression ratios due to its higher thermal efficiency for shedding heat into the cooling system. Higher compression allows more power if it does not cause detonation (pre-ignition or 'pinging', which WILL destroy an engine)

5. Mentioned above in general, but the much lighter weight (Saving almost 20 pounds) makes the Mini handle even better, taking all that cast iron out right over the driving wheels makes the car noticeably better balanced.

There's a few good advantages!  Plus it looks cool and can be polished!  And it's much easier to port and polish (for performance) by hand than cast iron...

Check out our selection of aluminum heads HERE.