Money Saving / Save Time on our Top Selling FUEL SYSTEM Kits for Your Classic Mini

Want to save money  and time?  Then these Fuel System Kits are just for you.  From Conversion Kits, to Carburetor, Inlet Manifold, Heatshield, Electric Pumps, Gas Lines and more, we put all the parts you need for the job you're doing into one convenient kit.  It's a win, win, win!

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mmkt0404 Mini Cooper
Classic Austin Mini Spi Fuel Injection To Hif Su Carb Conversion
The basic elements of the conversion process are simple enough: Remove the entire FI assembly and ECU, install a conventional 1 3/4" HIF series carb and manifold, replace the ECU with a simple relay, install a fuel pressure regulator and replace the distributor. Wire and plumb all of this together and you have it! Wiring and plumbing diagrams are provided in the kit. PLEASE NOTE: The temperature gauge is no longer used with this conversion kit.
Part: MMKT0404
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mmkt0402 Mini CooperClassic Mini 175 Su Hif6 hif44 Rebuilt Conversion Kit For 1380 Engines
Great upgrade from the twin SU carbs, easier to adjust and maintain and flows just as good. This conversion kit provides the parts needed to convert your engine to use the HIF44 1 3/4" SU carburetor on your 1380cc engine. Kit includes a rebuilt carburetor, BDK needle, intake manifold, air cleaner, spacer, throttle cable and  the necessary hardware.
Part: MMKT0402
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mmkt0400 Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Drum Brake To Stock 84 Disc Brake Conversion Kit
This special Mini Mania kit provides all the parts needed to upgrade from drum brakes to stock 8.4" disc brakes. THIS CONVERISON REQUIRES 12" WHEELS OR BIGGER.
Part: MMKT0400
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mmkt0401 Mini Cooper

Classic Mini 75 Disc Brake Dust Shield Kit
In this kit you'll find the "wear" parts for the Do It Yourself A+ Rod Change Tranny rebuild.  Kit includes: DAM3187=Layshaft, A+ 3-step, AAU1815=1st Gear Bearing, 4-Sync, ADU7619=1st Motion Bearing, Large, AAU8424=1st Motion Bearing, Outer,  (2) AAU1816=2/3 Rd Gear Bearing, 4-Sync and more.
Part: MMKT0401
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Classic Mini Big Drum Brake Kit For The Rear Of All Minis 
This "Big Brake Conversion Kit" special kit includes Mini Cooper "S" rear brake drums with built in 1" spacer, new longer wheel studs and drum brake screws, two new wheel cylinders, GWC1102, and a new set of 1 1/4" brake shoes. Not only are the drums wider but the built-in spacer is safer and easier to use!  This  Mini Mania "Big Rear Brake Kit" is one of our top sellers!
Part: MMKT0406
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Classic Austin Mini Hs4 Dual Carbs With Manifold Heatshield Kit
Rebuilt pair of HS4 carbs with manifold, heat shield, spacers, linkage, etc. Comes with all new seals, gaskets, needle and seat, jet tube assemblies, and new throttle bushings if needed. Carbs are disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, and polished. Fits most Mini 1275 engines.
Part: MMKT0407
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Classic Austin Mini Braided Fuel Gas Line Kit For Twin Carburetors 
This kit has all three braided lines required to fit your dual carbs to your Classic Mini. Kit includes: Braided Fuel Hose 5 Inches Long, Braided Fuel Hose 10 Inches Long and Braided Fuel Hose 14 1/4 Inches Long. If you're going to do it... do it right.
Part: MMKT0028
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MMKT0031 Classic Mini Kit

Classic Austin Mini Braided Fuel Gas Lines Dual Su Twin Tank Elec Pump Kit

This This kit contains the rigid fuel line and the braided lines for connecting up the twin fuel tanks found in the Classic Mini Cooper S models.
Part:  MMKT0031
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Classic Mini Braided Fuel Gas Lines Su Hif4 Hif38 Hif44 One Tank Kit
Has all of the flexible, braided fuel lines you need for running an HIF carb on your Mini with a single fuel tank and electric fuel pump. Includes: 5 Inches Long, 10 Inches Long, and 22 Inch Long Braided Fuel Hoses.
Part: MMKT0032
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Classic Mini Braided Fuel Gas Lines A Engine Single Tank Mech Pump Kit
Designed for running an HIF carb on your Mini with a single fuel tank and a mechanical fuel pump. Has all of the flexible, braided fuel lines you need: 5 inches long, 14 1/4 inches long and 22 inches long.
Part: MMKT0033
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Classic Mini Braided Fuel Gas Lines For Single Su Carburetor Elec Pump Kit 
Running a single SU carb on your Mini with a single fuel tank and electric fuel pump? Check out this complete kit: flexible, braided fuel lines 5 Inches Long, 10 inches long and 14 1/4 inches long.  Give it a try.  You'll love it!
Part: MMKT0030
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