For Sale: 1968 Morris Cooper S Liverpool Police Mini

  • Entire ownership history documented (since Feb 1968)
  • Clean California title
  • Fully restored in the 1990s
  • Includes original British license plates
  • Includes an array of historical memorabilia and accessories

This historic 1968 Morris Mini Cooper S (aka "OKD697F") was one of the original Liverpool Police Mini fleet! First reporting for work on April 1st, 1968, it served for about two years, closing out the 1960s as a patrol car on the streets of Liverpool, England. This car in particular is most unusual in that its entire ownership history is documented, and its specific whereabouts known since it was built on February 20 and dispatched on Feb 24 1968 to Liverpool BMC Dealer W. Watson & Company.

Police duty was quite severe for these cars, and many were destroyed or scrapped, while the rest were retired and sold off to local dealers. They were sought out by rally drivers of the era, who pretty much destroyed the cars as they were raced. However, "OKD697F" was spared that ignominious fate, spending its after-service retirement in North Wales, before being acquired in the early 1990s by the man who happened to be the registrar in charge of the historic police car section of the The Mini Cooper Register: Mr. David Davies of Chester. Who better to oversee a nearly decade-long restoration than the expert himself? Fixes and repairs included replacing major sections of the floor, and factory-new front end bodywork. When the restoration was completed, this car was believed to be the only correctly restored Liverpool Police Mini in existence!

In 2001, "OKD697F" made its way "across the pond" to the U.S.A. (Florida), and was eventually acquired by another Classic Mini guru known to most North American enthusiasts of these iconic British cars, Mr. Chuck Heleker. His shop in the Seattle area, in addition to his technical prowess and work with various magazines, is near-legendary in the classic Mini world. When Mr. Heleker decided it was time to reduce his car collection to single digits, his decades-long association with Mini Mania gave us the inside track on getting this unique car. Thus, "OKD697F" came to take pride-of-place in the Mini Mania collection in California, where it has been showcased since November 2020.

Now, we feel it's time that this little beauty was brought back into the spotlight, as it should be out attracting crowds and performing public service at events and shows, or along with other emergency response displays. With numerous "People's Choice" awards, it never fails to gather adoring admirers!

This historical and unique Morris Cooper S is offered with a clean California title, as well as the car's original British number plates (extremely rare). Along with the car and aforementioned complete documented history is a museum of memorabilia collected over the years, including various Police accessories and equipment, badges, radios, policeman's (and woman's) uniforms, billy clubs (new and used!), even a period breathalyzer test-tube kit and period "James Bond" car phone.

We at Mini Mania will be available to answer questions regarding this Mini to the best of our ability, and will be happy to accommodate serious buyers see and drive the car. For questions and more information, please contact Brendan MacRae at [email protected].