Save Time and Money  With Exterior Project Kits Designed by Mini Mania

Giving your Classic Mini that sharp looks takes the right exterior parts.  That's why we've created our Exterior Parts Kits for your Classic Mini.  We collected all the parts you need for all your exterior projects and put them into specific kits.  The benefits?  You don't have to figure out the parts you need and we've priced our kits lower than the accumulated individual parts.  More Convenient. More Affordable.  

Check out our Exterior Kits and see how much better they are than sourcing parts individually!  They may be exactly what you're looking for and what your Classic Mini needs.


Exterior Kits  





Other Exterior Kits  We Carry




Other Kits  You Might Be Interested In


No matter what they job, we've got the kits you need.  Take a look at the kits below and see if there's something there that might help you in your Classic Mini project.