Save money and time with our top-selling clutch kits for your Classic Mini!

Want to save money AND time? Then these clutch kits and clutch parts kits are for you! From Verto and pre-Verto clutches, to master clutch cylinder rebuilds, and OEM as well as aftermarket hydraulic maintenance kits, we put all the parts you need for the job you're doing into one convenient kit - it's a win, win, win!

If you're still unsure on what parts fit your Classic Mini, ask our expert specialists a question HERE or email us at [email protected]. We will get back to as soon as we can with an answer to your fitment question.

GRK4008-KIT Classic Mini Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit pre-Verto

Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit, pre-Verto

Rebuild kit (rubber) for early clutch slave cylinder. This kit fits all Classic Minis prior to Verto type!

Part: GRK4008-KIT

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CK9035 Verto Clutch Kit

Clutch Kit, Verto

Three-piece Verto clutch kit, with a 180mm wide clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing; for all pre-1990 Classic Minis Verto assemblies until fitment of 1275cc engines.

Part: CK9035

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GCK100MS pre-Verto Clutch Kit, Borg & Beck

Clutch Kit, pre-Verto: Borg & Beck

Classic Mini pre-Verto clutch kit that uses legendary Borg & Beck quality! Fits all models and sizes of engines with diaphragm clutches "pre-A+".

Part: GCK100MS

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GCK151AF Verto Clutch Kit, Borg & Beck

Clutch Kit, Verto: Borg & Beck

Classic Mini Verto clutch kit with legendary Borg & Beck quality, fits all Metro engines 1980-on, 1 liter (998cc) and 1300cc, plus non-injection models 1983-1990.

Part: GCK151AF

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GCK152AF Verto Clutch Kit for 1300cc fuel-injected Classic Minis

Clutch Kit, Verto: fits all 1300cc fuel-injected Classic Minis

Three-piece clutch kit with the larger 190mm-wide clutch plate for 1990-on and all Classic Mini Cooper fuel-injected models, but it can be used on earlier non-injection Verto-type engines only if the flywheel is 100% PERFECT WITHOUT WEAR.

Part: GCK152AF

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GCK371AF Turbo Clutch Kit

Clutch Kit, Turbo

Ideal for any tuning mods to any Verto flywheel but cars from 1990 were fitted with a larger 190mm clutch plate

Part: GCK371AF

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GRK3007 Classic Mini clutch master cylinder rebuild kit

Clutch Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit

For pre-1985 models, this kit has been amended to allow the upgrade of the early (full base cup) master cylinder to the later and improved ring seal design (0.75" Bore Size)

Part: GRK3007

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MMKT0012 Classic Mini brake and clutch master cylinder kit

Brake & Clutch Master Cylinder Kit

This special-offer kit bundle includes both a GMC1008 clutch master cylinder and a GMC171 brake master cylinder, each with the latest-design corrosion-resistant plastic reservoirs.

Part: MMKT0012

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MMKT0014 Classic Mini pre-Verto clutch hydraulic maintenance kit

Clutch Hydraulic Maintenance Kit, pre-Verto

Special kit bundle that includes an original-style metal canister master cylinder, OE-quality clutch slave cylinder, and new rubber slave hose.

Part: MMKT0014

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MMKT0014MS Classic Mini pre-Verto clutch hydraulic maintenance kit

Clutch Hydraulic Maintenance Kit, pre-Verto

Special kit bundle that includes a modern-style plastic canister master cylinder, aftermarket clutch slave cylinder, and new rubber slave hose.

Part: MMKT0014MS

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MMKT0016 Classic Mini clutch kit with primary seal and upgraded clutch pressure plate

Clutch Kit, w/ Upgraded "Blue Spot" Pressure Plate

Special kit bundle for pre-Verto 1275s that includes the upgraded "blue spot" clutch pressure plate usually found on most original "S" assemblies.

Part: MMKT0016

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MMKT0018 Classic Mini clutch upgrade kit

Clutch Upgrade DIY Kit, pre-Verto

Special kit bundle for pre-Verto models; includes new slave cylinder, steel-braided slave hose, and special adjustable slave pushrod.

Part: MMKT0018

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MMKT0304 Classic Mini flywheel-to-clutch hardware kit

Hardware Kit, Flywheel-to-Clutch

Special kit bundle that includes both the special-shouldered bolts and a new set of flywheel straps, either or both of which may be necessary when replacing your clutch or flywheel.

Part: MMKT0304

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