Mini Racers,

Have you ever dreamed of racing your Mini at Goodwood? Would you like to attend a race that exceeds expectations on track and off? Don't have a massive race budget or a passport? Read on...

We are excited to announce an exclusive event that is designed to enliven the classic rivalry between Mustangs and Minis, at one of the best racetracks in all North America - Laguna Seca!

Announcing the 2021 Velocity Invitational Mini vs Mustang Endurance Challenge, November 10 - 14, 2021

This is a premium event with exceptional hospitality and ample track time. Much more than just a race weekend, this event offers incomparable value and social appeal. Exclusive hospitality, food, and drinks are all included with your entry. It is a very spousal-friendly event. There will be a night race in addition to the qualifying and feature races (please see attached provisional schedule). Full grids competing in other sessions during the event will provide plenty of unique and rare race cars on display, with some of the most valuable race cars from around the world challenging each other on the track. For a quick look at all that's happening, see our  Velocity Invitational At A Glance Page.  Or for more details, please visit

We are aiming to rival Goodwood with car quality. Two drivers will share the track time for all the sessions, including the "Friday Night Enduro". Note that cars will require headlights and taillights to compete. Cars must be well presented and prepared to C-Sedan configuration. Please contact Don Racine for tech, eligibility questions, or to get on the event list:

There is a limit of 18 Minis, and the grid will fill quickly. We are looking for expressions of interest at your earliest convenience. Entry forms will be available shortly.

Please consider joining us at the legendary Laguna Seca circuit for this exclusive event! Let's keep those Mustangs in the rearview mirror!

Best regards,

Don Racine