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1275 Std 8.8:1 Piston With Rings & Pins - Sold Each

1275 Std 8.8:1 Piston With Rings & Pins - Sold Each

1275 Std 8.8:1 Piston With Rings & Pins - Sold Each
If you are running todays regular unleaded gas you must pay attention to compression. These new design Federal Mogul (AE) pistons are designed for modern fuels and compression. Typically installation will result in 8.8:1 compression (the original "S was 9.75:1 and would never last without special efforts). Current pistons differ from the 60s originals, improved with a "low drag" slipper skirt design and a shorter lighter wrist pin. Wrist pin height is 1.4689", top is dished 8.4cc, and they have a 4mm oil ring and two 1.5mm compression rings.
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Piston Fact File
Created: January 30, 2000
Over the years, there have probably been a dozen "stock" 1275 pistons. Currently, three different designs are available from AE/Hepolite as "stock" replacements. All have an 8.4cc dished top, but compression ratios are carried by changing pin height (Pin height is the distance from the top of the piston to the center of the wrist pin- see dimension "A" shown here).
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