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1275 Standard 8.8:1 piston with rings & pin sold each

1275 Standard 8.8:1 piston with rings & pin sold each

1275 Standard 8.8:1 piston with rings & pin sold each
Selected: Standard size sold each
Part No: 21251-STD-EA
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
1275cc Low compression - low drag slipper type piston in standard size for modern day compression ratios and unleaded fuel.  Typically installation will result in a minimum 8.8:1 compression ratio but on some pre-1984 Metro versions it was higher.  Current pistons differ from the 60s originals, improved with a "low drag" slipper skirt design and a shorter lighter wrist pin.

Wrist pin height is 1.4689", crown has 8cc dish, and they have two 1.5mm compression rings and a 4mm oil ring. From the top ring to crown these measure about 7mm and the high compession P21253 piston have 10mm gap from top ring groove to crown. Sold each - 4 per engine required.

Now Nural stamped 87-521711-00. AE Hepolite is now owned by Federal Mogul and trademarked "Nural".
my builder is asking for Cooper S or Hepolite 2.807, 1.497 ht, 6cc dish pistons. Are these still available? Are these same as the Noral STD bore, Part No: 21251-STD-EA the measurements differ? Are they a direct replacement? Is the "County" brand you carry as good quality for a higher performance engine (cam, 1.5 rollers)?

Hi, The 21251 pistons in the Nural or the County brand are both quality pistons. The Nural are closer to the old AE/Hepolite type, however. More "OEM" if you will.

So, I would recommend these:  https://www.minimania.com/part/21251-STD-EA/1275-Std-881-Piston-With-Rings--Pin-Sold-Each


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Piston Fact File
Created: January 30, 2000
Over the years, there have probably been a dozen "stock" 1275 pistons. Currently, three different designs are available from AE/Hepolite as "stock" replacements. All have an 8.4cc dished top, but compression ratios are carried by changing pin height (Pin height is the distance from the top of the piston to the center of the wrist pin- see dimension "A" shown here).