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Rear Bump Stop Kit Dry Mini & Mini Cooper S

Rear Bump Stop Kit Dry Mini & Mini Cooper S

Rear Bump Stop Kit Dry Mini & Mini Cooper S
Part No: C-SRP015
Internet Price $69.95
For unknown reasons the factory never felt it necessary to install bump stops on the rear of a standard Mini. Bump stops are intended to control suspension travel and thus not only make the car handle better but more confortable to drive. Our newly designed stops not only serve this function but are made of long lasting Poly!

See this diagram for necessary modifications.

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Not for lowered cars
If you use these bump stops on a lowered car, they will eliminate much or all of your suspension travel, making the ride intolerable. Furthermore, the brackets will become severely bent by constant impact with the trailing arms. This suggests that even on a car that has not been lowered, they will eventually become bent by occasional impacts. Maybe the factory got it right when they decided not to employ rear bump stops on classic Minis. When these bump stops proved useless in preventing my rear suspension from bottoming, I was able to solve the problem by installing adjustable shocks and setting them just stiff enough to eliminate the bottoming.
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