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Straight Cut Close Ratio Gearset A+ Mini & Mini Cooper S

Straight Cut Close Ratio Gearset A+ Mini & Mini Cooper S

Straight Cut Close Ratio Gearset A+ Mini & Mini Cooper S
Part No: C-STN39
Internet Price $894.95
Straight cut gearset for A+ tranny's using the standard 1st and reverse gear. The ultimate for TUNED street cars or clubman events giving nearly the same close ratios as the original 3 synchro straight cut gear set. Using latest gear cutting techniques,equipment and some Rover Powertrain tooling we are able to produce a Money saving way to go for a stronger and slightly quieter product than usually associated with straight cut gears. Please ensure you order genuine baulk rings 22G2033 or our c-22A1741 Competition type when fitting this gearkit.
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ENGINE TRANSPLANTS - gearbox information
Created: November 01, 2000
Selecting the right final drive ration is a subject worthy of an entire book to explain the whys and wherefores, and also causes much consternation on the part of the transplanter. Much confusion’s spread over which gearbox has the best ratios, is best to use, and with which FD. For a detailed account on this and covering all gearboxes fitted as standard to the Mini, see the relevant separate articles 'Gearbox - Standard production gearbox types'.
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Elsewhere we've considered what alternative standard production ratios are available - but that still leaves you with the power-consuming and limited-ratio alternatives helical tooth type gears. Not desirable in a competition orientated car. The solution to this comes in the form of several types of straight-cut gear sets
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