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Lcb Exhaust Header Morris Minor

Lcb Exhaust Header Morris Minor

Lcb Exhaust Header Morris Minor
Free Flow exhaust header (EXH150)is optimally sized for small bore engines(948 & 1098 or stock 1275)
Noticeable performance gains can be had by simply bolting on a free flow exhaust system. Your Morris will sound sporty, yet not obnoxious, and throaty, yet mellow. In other words, it will sound great, and the neighbors won't mind!
This LCB (Long center branch, part# EXH150) header is specially designed to fit the Morris engine compartment
Works best if matched with the twin box, big bore muffler system (part# EXH116, sold separately) which follows the same route as the original.
See EXH150/BIG_BORE for big bore (1275) engines.
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Review of EXH150
Pros: Just installed this on my '69 MM van. It's a beautiful product - obviously high quality and well-designed. I applied Eastwood titanium coating with a touchup gun to protect the headers and reduce underhood temp. Thanks for making this available.

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Review of EXH150
Pros: Very high quality materials. Fits perfectly

Cons: Will add extra heat to the engine compartment unless a "Jethot" type coating is applied.

Other Thoughts: Strongly consider having a ceramic or jethot coating to ensure long life. The matching complete exhaust system, EXH116, makes for a painless bolt on installation.
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