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Part No: HUF009
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"HUFFAKER'! The name means racing. Joe Huffaker SR was racing BMC products when they were new! Joe Jr continues in the mold; he now runs Huffaker Racing, Inc Engine & Chassis Building and Development. Although involved in many other forms of racing Joe found time to build and race an F-Production Sprite to an SCCA national championship in 1992. Competition front suspension; consists of fabricated A-arms with geometry designed by racers, for racers. It has been enhanced by both computer and extensive track testing for the best possible camber curve, roll center positions and starting points for this multi-adjustable system. Roll center can be altered, anti-dive can be increased or reduced, shocks can be adjusted and of course ride height, camber and castor can be tuned to suit every road course condition. Initial settings are included to make this kit fast right out of the box. There is some fabrication required and we suggest that a qualified metal working shop install the kit. Front coil-over conversion kit includes: Carrera adjustabke shocks Springs Shock mounting towers Shock tower cross brace Upper & lower A-arms Rod ends, jam nuts & fasteners Modified spindles Modified steering arms Modified tie rods Sway bar, mounts & linkage Taps, brackets,gussets and pick-up points. Necessary modifications to the chassis include the addition of lower A-arm attachment points, additional upper trailing arm attachment points, cutting the stock spring perch inner fender mods and fitting of sway bar & mounts.
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