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Kent Fast Road Mini Cooper Camshaft Slot Drive Only

Kent Fast Road Mini Cooper Camshaft Slot Drive Only

Kent Fast Road Mini Cooper Camshaft Slot Drive Only
Selected: MD266
Kent Fast Road Mini Cooper Camshaft Slot Drive Only
MD266 Slot drive - fast road
Part No: MD266
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Brilliant all round performance road cam. Smooth idle, pulls from around 1,200 RPM. Small gain in low end, big increase in med and top end. Unbeatable for genuine fast road use. Rev band 1,200 to 6,500/7,000 rpm. Intake duration is 260 degrees, exhaust is 268 degrees, lift at cam with 1.25 ratio rockers is .320" intake and .330" exhaust.
See MDM266/KIT for the whole kit and.... lifters, springs, and lube.
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Why is a camshaft like the heater in your house?
Created: February 25, 2014
Camshaft selection can be as complicated as you like, but for the ultimate performance, even if that means best gas mileage requires that you consider the entire envelope that the camshaft will work within. Non-technical issues such as intended application (street, race, milage or??), budget, expected RPM range, etc must be considered along with technical things like compression ratio, Cylinder head and valve sizes, exhaust system, carburetion, etc.
CAM TIMING - Basic Notes
Created: February 04, 2011
To avoid lots of swearing and unnecessary damage, check the timing gears slide neatly onto their respective bosses. If tight, first check for any high spots in the gear bores and key-way slots. Clean out using with fine emery cloth, medium Wet 'n' Dry paper, or some such.
Created: January 08, 2007
About a year ago I read about the reduction of zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) in the oils supplied with API approval that could affect sliding and high pressure (EP) friction in our cars. The reduction of these chemicals in supplied oils was based on the fact that phosphates reduce the effectiveness and eventually damage catalytic converters and introduce minute amounts of pollutants into our atmosphere.
Who is Kent Camshafts
Created: January 27, 2006
Established in the late 1970’s, Kent Performance Cams has grown from a fledgling idea nurtured by two engineers - Bob Munt and Bob Fry - into a world renowned specialist camshaft manufacturing team, a camshaft manufacturing house that was capable of producing competition engine components within strict quality control criteria whilst still remaining cost effective, a policy we still pursue to this day.Bob Fry - who took full control of the company in 1989 - has since taken a back seat in the running of the company leaving the existing management team - Tony Woodward, Andy Burns, Malcolm Hawkins and Graham Watts - as the primary Directors responsible for further growth of the company. Other key employees include Sales Manager Del Johnson, whose automotive experience spans thirty years.
Kent Camshaft Fitting Rules
Created: January 27, 2006
The installation and first few moments of running are critical factors in the life of the camshaft and the following instructions have been devised in order to obtain maximum performance from the engine and to ensure a long and trouble free life from both the camshaft and associated components. These points are designed to be used in conjunction with the original manufacturers installation procedure.
Kent Camshaft Timing
Created: January 27, 2006
Kent Camshaft Timing methods. For many years the most commonly used method has involved establishing top dead center (TDC) as a datum (zero degrees) and positioning your camshaft with its inlet valve at maximum lift at a given position relative to this datum.
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