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Vtec Honda B Series Frame To Fit With Flip Fr.end Mtb3

Vtec Honda B Series Frame To Fit With Flip Fr.end Mtb3

Vtec Honda B Series Frame To Fit With Flip Fr.end Mtb3
Part No: MT540000
Internet Price $2695.00
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The MTB3 Series was designed to install Honda’s B Series DOHC engines into the Classic Mini (1959-2001), upgrading the Classic Minis A-Series engine with today’s most trusted engines built by Honda. We have taken all of the headaches out of this engine swap by developing the MTB3 subframe. The MTB3 subframe mounts directly to the Mini using the two stock Mini tower front subframe mounting bolts, then the Honda engine mounts directly to the subframe using the hardware and brackets that are supplied with the Kit. This kit does require extending the front end. You can easily do this by using our Flip Front End Kit. Required: Deep Dish Wheels (7mm -Offset) will allow you to have a tighter turning radius. You can also use a 1" spacer. The MTB3 Kit Includes the following: MTB3 Subframe, RH and LH Adjustable Upper Suspension Arms, RH and LH Lower Suspension Arms, 2 Custom Hybrid Chromoly 400hp Axle Shafts, and all of the Hardware and Instructions that you will need for the Honda B Engine Installation. All subframes come in black.
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Could you give me a price to ship to NewZealand please
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Mini Vtec
Dear sir, I'm interested in Mini Tech. What is the first step for me to do modification? I will buy the B16 Vtec in local. I would like get suggestion and ideal for those accessories and spare parts that need to fit the Vtec engine. Please advise.
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