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Extreme Black Tire Dressing By Wheel Wax 16 Fl Oz

Extreme Black Tire Dressing By Wheel Wax 16 Fl Oz

Extreme Black Tire Dressing By Wheel Wax 16 Fl Oz
Part No: NMA7103
CLEARANCE Price $10.95
List: $14.95
You save: $4.00
A tire dressing to give your tires the New Tire Look!

WheelWax EXTREME BLACK Tire Dressing is water-based and will not sling up onto your car like so many other tire dressing do. AND! WheelWax Extreme Black will not leave those nasty stains on your driveway.

WheelWax EXTREME BLACK Tire Dressing was developed to give your tires that New Tire Look, not a greasy tire look. Extreme Black is long-lasting and easy to apply using any cloth-covered sponge or rag. Just wipe Extreme Black onto your rag and rub on the tire. Allow Extreme Black time to penetrate for maximum absorbtion and protection. Wipe off any excess with a clean, dry towel. Reapply if higher gloss is desired.

Use after each vehicle washing for constant maximum effect and protection from the harmful rays of the sun. As an added benefit, Extreme Black will not stain your clothes if you happen to rub up against it.

WheelWax Extreme Black is safe for use on all plastic and rubber car parts. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

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