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Dgv Weber Carb Kit Includes Manifold, Carb And Air Cleaner

Dgv Weber Carb Kit Includes Manifold, Carb And Air Cleaner

Dgv Weber Carb Kit Includes Manifold, Carb And Air Cleaner
Tired of fiddling with SUs? The Weber 32/36 downdraft carb makes an excellent upgrade! This progressive two-barrel carburettor gives you the best of both worlds-power and economy. While cruising, only the 32mm barrel is operating, when you open the throttle the 36mm secondary kicks in! It comes jetted for a mild 1275 but, as with any Weber, a wide selection of jets is available. Economy & performance..when have you ever heard these two words associated with WEBER? The DGV is a down-draft, progressive linkage carb that provides both bottom and top end performance. The two barrels are different sizes for maximum economy when you don't have your foot into it and max performance when you want it! The down-draft feature allows for a good manifold to be fitted to the Mini with a proper air filter. Requires a separate exhaust manifold such as a 3-branch "Cooper" type or LCB" Comes complete with custom Mini Mania intake manifold, Weber carb, linkage and air filter.

Typical jetting: 32 choke side has 135 Main jet, 165 Air correction and 50 Idle Jet 36 choke side has 140 Main jet, 160 Air correction and 55 Idle Jet

Technical Information:
Weber Carburetors Float Level - DGV / DCOE

The float level is a critical part of carburetor calibration. Changing the fuel level in the bowl will change the point that the main circuit starts to feed, alter the characteristics of an emulsion tube, and affect drivability and fuel consumption.

Float level, in mm, typically refers to the distance from the face of the carburetor top cover to the float. With the top cover held vertically (float pivot at the top) and the float tab (Lc) resting against, but not depressing the spring loaded ball in the needle valve, measure between the face of the carburetor top cover to the top or bottom of the float. On carburetor models where it is required to remove the float to replace the top cover gasket, the measurement should be made with the gasket in place to the gasket face.

Weber DGV diagram

Weber DCOE diagram
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great carb
Pros: I purchased this carb for my 1986 998cc mini and have been totaly satisfied. it runs a little rich because it is jetted for a 1275 but it still runs tons better than the old su. It is more reliable than the su and it tends to get better mileage because you only have to use the secondary when you are really on it. All in all it was a great investment for my mini.

Cons: Its jetted for a 1275 so on my 998 it runs rich.

Other Thoughts: It is a good carb for your mini.
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Great kit!! When you get tired of mess'n with SU's this kit will make you happy!!! Only 2 "hiccups", had to take the manifold to a machine shop to have flanges thin'd down a little to match exhaust flanges. And it did not come with a throttle return spring (quick trip to O'Riley auto parts) But all in all no big deal!!! Great bang for the buck!!!
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