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Classic Austin Mini DGV Weber carb kit includes , manifold , carb , air cleaner

Classic Austin Mini DGV Weber carb kit includes , manifold , carb , air cleaner

Classic Austin Mini DGV Weber carb kit includes , manifold , carb , air cleaner
Selected: Down draft Weber Carb for 1275cc
Part No: P4-004
SALE Price $601.88
List: $683.95 You save: $82.07
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Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
Tired of fiddling with SUs? The Weber 32/36 downdraft carb makes an excellent upgrade! This progressive two-barrel carburetor gives you the best of both worlds - power and economy. While cruising, only the 32mm barrel is operating, when you open the throttle the 36mm secondary kicks in! It comes jetted for a mild 1275 but, as with any Weber, a wide selection of jets is available. Economy & performance..when have you ever heard these two words associated with WEBER? The DGV is a down-draft, progressive linkage carb that provides both bottom and top end performance.

The two barrels are different sizes for maximum economy when you don't have your foot into it and max performance when you want it! The down-draft feature allows for a good manifold to be fitted to the Mini with a proper air filter.

Requires a separate exhaust manifold such as a 3-branch "Cooper" type or LCB" Comes complete with custom Mini Mania intake manifold, Weber carb, linkage and air filter.

Typical jetting: 32 choke side has 135 Main jet, 165 Air correction and 50 Idle Jet 36 choke side has 140 Main jet, 160 Air correction and 55 Idle Jet Will fit all A series motors.

I have a 71 clubman with 850, will the Weber DCOE CARBY Dellorto Carb SOLEX Air Stacks upgrade kit bolt straight up to it and will I need to do or add anything else?
Sorry, we do not offer a kit that includes Dellorto-
Suggest you consider: https://www.minimania.com/part/P4-004/Classic-Austin-Mini-Dgv-Weber-Carb-Kit-Includes-Manifold-Carb--Air-Cleaner

Mini Mania Tech Team

The Classic Mini Parts and Accessories Experts

If I purchase this for my 1974 MG Midget what other parts would I need ? Does the kit include gaskets? Is the choke necessary with this carb ? What about fuel lines and fuel filters ? Is there a video I could view ?
The kit should have had a gasket from carb to manifold, a choke can be handy in the wintertime so you may have to rig up a cable system. The fuel lines you should be able to adapter over what you have now and add a filter in-line.
If you have more technical questions, you might try contacting Peirce Manifolds.

Spridget Mania Tech Team

The Spridget Parts and Accessories Experts

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