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Two Pairs Of Sunvisor Brackets & Screws

Two Pairs Of Sunvisor Brackets & Screws

Two Pairs Of Sunvisor Brackets & Screws
If you are installing a new later model sunvisor or simply repairing your old one- this handy hinge kit will make it work like new!
These brackets are original factory items that were used on all late style sunvisors from 1966 onwards. They just slide into the ends of either end of the visor and come with self tapping screws as well to attach them to the body.
For: Mini Saloons 1996-2000 / Mini 1275 GT 1975-80 / Mini Van & Pickup / Mini Cooper/Saloons Mk.II 1967-70 / Mini Clubman Saloon 1975-80 / Mini Cooper 1991-92 / Mini Cooper Mk.I 1962-67 / Mini Cooper/Saloons 1970-73 / Mini Clubman Saloon 1969-75 / Mini Clubman Estate 1975-80 / Mini Cooper & Saloons 1993-95 / Mini Saloons 1973-82 / Mini 1275 GT 1969-75 / Mini Traveller MkII 1967-70 / Mini Clubman Estate 1970-75 / Riley Elf & Wolseley Hornet / Mini Saloons 1982-92 / Mini Traveller MkI 1962-67
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Created: April 01, 2013
Get the Sunvisor Kit Here Given enough time, the sun visors in your mini will begin to sag or flop down into your field of vision regardless if you use them or not. The hinges use a cam lobe system to apply pressure to a metal tube inside the sun visor to keep them where they should be. Hea...
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