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Austin Mini 145/70/12 Falken Tire Set Of 4

Austin Mini 145/70/12 Falken Tire Set Of 4

Austin Mini 145/70/12 Falken Tire Set Of 4
Part No: TIRE12-SET
Internet Price $311.95
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If your Mini was produced or "reshelled" after 1984 it likely has 12" tires. The good news is that it was done to cover the wonderful brakes the car is now equipped with. The bad news is that 12" tires to fit a Mini are almost impossible to locate (in the USA). These 145/70-12" tires are one of only two sizes that will fit the Mini on 12" rims. Long lasting, great all weather street tire!
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Created: December 12, 2013
This is definitely a topic that keeps coming up! What wheel and tire combinations can be made to fit a Classic Mini? Just a few days ago, had a customer call for “175/55-10” as though they could just be picked off the rack! Hmmm, I’ve never seen such a size, except maybe on a Yamaha Banshee Quad for doing burnouts! I thought it would be a good time to update what combinations are currently available, and a little bit about fitting them to most Minis. It’s been pointed out by me and others, that all the common combinations end up having about the same overall rolling diameter.
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