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Austin Mini Caster / Camber Gauge

Austin Mini Caster / Camber Gauge

Austin Mini Caster / Camber Gauge
Part No: TOOL10
Internet Price $149.95
This is a must have for everyone that wants to maximize their suspension geometry. If you want to have your car handle to the best extent possible it is imperitive to have it set up correctly. It should NEVER be assumed that since it was never tweaked or worked on that it was good as new, because 'new' could very likely be not good enough!

Designed for simplicity, accuracy, and super low cost. Geometrey angles measured using a special computer-generated scale and plumb line on a baseboard. A level floor is not necessary. Supplied with easy to use directions.

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This is one of those subjects viewed as a ‘black art’, largely because of lack of understanding and confusion. The confusion part is because folk encompass the whole suspension set-up deal with suspension arrangement and design, lack of understanding instilling terror at the thought of ‘fiddling’ with the suspension components.
TOOL10 - Instructions for Camber/Castor Gauge
Created: December 12, 2003
  CASTOR/CAMBER GAUGE INSTRUCTIONS For all intents and purposes, this gauge can be considered a finely graduated plumb line - as that is exactly what it is! Before proceeding with any measuring for each factor, make sure the vehicle is on reasonabl...
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