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Rust Inhibit Kit Waxoyl

Rust Inhibit Kit Waxoyl

Rust Inhibit Kit Waxoyl
Rust starts where you can't see it -- from the inside. Gradually eating out through the metal, weakening the chassis, bubbling up through the paintwork to your vehicle's surface -- biting into the value of your car. But whatever its age or condition, it is never to late to kill rust -- thanks to Waxoyl!

Waxoyl has a unique formula that solves the problem of 'hidden rust' once and for all. A thick waxy fluid, saturated with a very powerful rustkiller, Waxoyl chases out moisture to form a flexible weatherproof skin that won't crack, dry or wash off in the rain.

Rust-inhibiting molecules in Waxoyl cut through films of oil, grease and dirt in seconds and cling on to metal surfaces, like iron filings to a magnet. Unlike chemical inhibitors used in ordinary rustproofers, Waxoyl stays active indefinitely. If the skin is scratched or punctured, Waxoyl creeps back and reseals itself. Waxoyl prevents multi-metal corrosion in today's cars and ends the winter-time threat of salt corrosion.

Waxoyl makes rustproofing a quick, clean and simple job. Minimum preparation is needed, just remove heavy mud deposits, grease and oil. Wire brush off flaky rust, then spray apply. Waxoyl cuts right through light road dust, kills existing rust and even reseals cracked old underbody seal. You can complete the whole operation in just a few hours.

Kit contains a 2.5 litre pressure can of Waxoyl, a high-pressure sprayer, and extension probe. For refills, see part no. WAXOYL/REF.

Regulations allow ground shipment only. This item cannot be shipped via air. Clear in color.

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