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1380cc Mini Mania Powerunit - Engine & Gearbox - Mini Cooper

1380cc Mini Mania Powerunit - Engine & Gearbox - Mini Cooper

1380cc Mini Mania Powerunit - Engine & Gearbox - Mini Cooper
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Big-Bore Power Units from MINI MANIA for the Classic Mini Cooper & Mini Cooper S

The "Ultimate Street Performance Engine" from Mini Mania is the result of 30+ years of building and racing our own Mini Coopers. Because drivability and reliability are of utmost importance in any Mini Cooper, only components from well-established suppliers are utilized to build our Mini motors. While the standard configuration is described here, power-units can be customized to meet your particular needs for your Mini Cooper. Just ask your friendly Mini Mania Sales Technician for a custom power-unit quote.

Engine blocks are cleaned, magnaflux'd, bored and painted. The Mini Cooper cylinder head is one of our special Aluminum heads, which is not only cast ported, but has hardened valve seats for use with unleaded fuels. The Mini motor uses squeeze cast Powermax 73.5mm pistons, which are specifically designed for this application. Elgin supplies the custom ground camshaft, which is driven by a new timing chain and gears.

Carburetion for the Mini motor is provided by a single rebuilt 1 3/4" HIF type carburetor on an aluminum manifold. A cone type K&N air filter is equipped too. You provide your own electrical bits (starter, generator or alternator), cooling system, tailpipe, and Mini! We can provide them too. Just ask us to include the bits in the quote for your new power-unit.

The built Mini Cooper engine is mated with a gearbox, with flywheel and clutch assemblies all in place. These late model Mini Cooper rod change transmissions are also caringly fully rebuilt and painted, and in the base configuration are assembled with a 3.44 final drive.

Optional kits to install the power-unit in earlier model Mini Coopers are available. An optional remote shift box can be equipped too.

Note: No core charge and call us if you are interested in 'trading-in' you old engine!

  • 73.5mm squeeze-cast pistons
  • 10:1 Compression
  • 10/10 Crank
  • Elgin CAM003 carefully timed in at 108º for best horsepower
  • HIF6 SU Carburetor with BDK needle or downdraft 2 barrel carburetor
  • Dyno results: 113 horsepower at the flywheel at 6500 R.P.M., 102 ft/lbs of torque at 4700 R.P.M.
  • +/- 120hp with optional 1.5 ratio rockers

These power-units are hand built with care, stand tested and tuned (final tuning, of course, is always done in the Mini). Shipped palletized and protected, the power-units are ready to bolt in and run.

Engines built by Mini Mania are warranted by Mini Mania for 12 months or 12,000 miles (which ever comes from first). Non-refundable $1,000 deposit required.

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