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Mini Mania kits are priced to save you money. Get all of the components you need for less than if purchased separately.
Classic Mini Rod Change Gearbox Upgrade Conversion Kit

Classic Mini Rod Change Gearbox Upgrade Conversion Kit

Classic Mini Rod Change Gearbox Upgrade Conversion Kit
Part No: MMKT0803
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini

This kit provides all the major components to convert any early Classic Mini to the "late" style axles and shift linkage:

  • Complete used Rod-change shifter assembly
  • Pair of axles for use with inner CV "Pot-Joints"
  • New inner CV Pot joints
  • Special adapter bracket to mount shifter to the early narrow 'tunnel
If you are considering a new engine, the best choice is to use the later more available Rod-change gearbox, which has a number of advantages in strength and durability. The axle output shafts use the modern 6-axis inner CV joints and a much more reliable internal shift linkge replaces the old style that had all the external knuckles.
I have a 1964 Mini that had drum brakes in front that have been converted to discs. I now want to put a 1275 engine with a rod change transmission in. Since the rod change has inner CV joints, is there a CVJ to mate to my axles?
Inner CVs are available as part number DAM667A - they require new axles (the inner ends are different, the outers are the same)
the axles are only available used:
left: U-22A1960
right: U-22A1961

PS- As upgrading to a rod change transmission also requires a later model shift linkage I would suggest to simply plan on also ordering this kit:
I am changing a 92 automatic mini 1000 to a std shift 85 mini 1000 engine . Is the left axel shorter on the auto eng than the std shift mini? I took it for a test drive and the inner pot joint pulled out going around a corner
Axles are the same length between automatic and standard
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