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Spi Fuel Injection To Hif Su Rebuilt Carb Conversion

Spi Fuel Injection To Hif Su Rebuilt Carb Conversion

Spi Fuel Injection To Hif Su Rebuilt Carb Conversion

Spi Fuel Injection To Hif Su Rebuilt Carb Conversion

Spi Fuel Injection To Hif Su Rebuilt Carb Conversion
In the history of the Mini the drive to keep the product alive and marketable meant the factory decided to modernize the fuel system of the Mini from Carb to Fuel Injection. Thus in 1991 the first FI was installed on the Mini. Know as Single Point Injected or SPi for short, the system also incorporated its first ECU into the car. This version of the Mini was produced until late '96 when it was changed to the Twin Point or Multi Point injected version. The SPi Mini might have achieved the objective of better fuel economy and emissions control, but the loss of performance and reliability still plagues the life of the SPi Mini. In addition the SPi Mini is very difficult at best to upgrade to get any significant performance enhancements.

Thankfully the best solution is still very practical: convert the car back to a single 1 3/4" SU carb and eliminate the ECU. This opens up the entire universe of performance enhancements and upgrades that have been developed so successfully over the years.

The basic elements of the conversion process are simple enough: Remove the entire FI assembly and ECU, install a conventional 1 3/4" HIF series carb and manifold, replace the ECU with a simple relay, install a fuel pressure regulator and replace the distributor. Wire and plumb all of this together and you have it! Wiring and plumbing diagrams are provided in the kit.
Included in the kit are: 12-803 - Fuel Pressure Regulator A+ - Distributor 12B561 - Carb Spacer 22A152 - Stud, carb to manifold 2A3005 - carb abutment bracket 88g429 - carb gasket AJM601 - intake/exhaust manifold gasket AR201 - Relay C-AHT771 - Intake manifold CZK6491 - choke cable clip Fitting01 - 3/8X3/8 brass fittings Fitting02 - 5/16X3/8 brass fittings Fitting03 - 5/16X3/8 fitting with .100" hole FZX1280/rebuilt- HIF6/44 Carb SBB10126 - throttle cable SD40 - K&N Air Filter

The temperature gauge is no longer used with this conversion kit.

Technical Information:
Carburation and Interchanges

Weekley News from the Mini Mania Engine department

Carburation and Interchanges

What is the correct carburation that you should use on a Mini?  The answer will depend on what size engine you have and what you are trying to achieve. Over the years, the factory used the SU type of carburation on the Mini. They used a wide range from the single 1.25" to the 1.75" to a duel set up. It is possible to interchange or upgrade to different size or styles of carbs, depending on manifold set up and engine size. Also, the Weber carburetor can be adapted to fit as well. We offer several upgrades and kits as well as new and rebuilt carbs that are all listed on our web site. When we build 1275/1380 engines in our shop, the majority of the time we and customers prefer the SU 1.75" HIF44 single carb. The SU carburetor is the best for reliability, longevity, and drivability, and retains the originality of the Mini. Our sales department can help with any upgrades and interchanges that would best fit your Mini.

We also have several articles you can read up on pertaining to carburation in the Mini.


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