Installation Instructions for Semi-elliptic Springs

Please read all instructions thoroughly before proceeding. This is not a difficult kit to install, but requires care and planning to avoid setbacks and mistakes. It is strongly recommended that a  test-fitting be done with all parts before any drilling is done. This will help to ensure proper fit and alignment. It is also assumed that the chassis of the car is sound and free of corrosion at the mounting point specified.

Chassis Anchor (see Figure 1)

Back off the handbrake outer cable nuts and remove the cable from its support bracket. Secure the hand brake cable to avoid damage during drilling.

After making sure that the chassis is clean and dry at center rear under the drive shaft, center the 8S0052 hard point fitting on the underside of the driveshaft tunnel within the reinforcing member as shown in Figure 1. Check that the left rearmost hole will clear the handbrake cable bracket (the position of the bracket can vary from car to car). If interference will occur, drill an additional 3/8 mounting hole through the fitting 3/4 forward of the existing hole as shown in Figure 1A (later model fittings may have this hole already in place). True the surface around the new hole to provide a proper mounting surface for the fastener.    Clamp fitting in position.

Using the clamped fitting as a guide, drill four 3/8 diameter holes through the chassis. Unclamp the fitting, deburr the holes, and paint or protect against corrosion as desired.

Slip the 8S0015 Pivot anchor inside the drive shaft tunnel as shown and attach the hard point and pivot with two short and two long bolts, lockwashers and nuts. Tighten fasteners to 300 in-lbs. Re-install the handbrake cable and support bracket.

Axle pickup and Rod Installation (see Figure 2)

Remove the right rear road wheel and support the spring at the axle just forward of the shock absorber.

If the car uses lever shocks, undo the four u-bolt nuts and install the 8S1005 Axle Pickup under the shock bracket with the boss on the pickup facing the centerline of the car. Tighten the u-bolt nuts.

If the car has been converted to tube shocks, disconnect the lower end of the shock from the shock bracket. Undo the four U-bolt nuts and remove the shock bracket. Install the 8S1005 Axle Pickup under the existing locating plate with the boss on the pickup facing the centerline of the car referring to Figure 2. Reinstall the shock bracket under the pickup and secure with the u-bolt nuts. Reattach the shock to the bracket.

Reinstall the wheel and lower the car completely.
Note: The installation of the tube assembly MUST be done with the weight of the car on the wheels!!

Run the jam-nuts onto the rod-ends and thread the rod-ends into the 8S0039 Rod Assembly. The left-hand threaded end of the tube is marked with a ring at the tip. Make sure both ends have about the same amount of thread exposed.

Attach one end of the rod assembly to the pivot anchor on the chassis with a long bolt, nut, lockwasher and spacers in the arrangement illustrated in Figure 2.

Holding the free rod-end against rotation, adjust the length of the assembly turning the tube until another long bolt can be inserted through the rod-end and axle pickup boss. Install using fasteners and spacers provided as shown in Figure 2.

Tighten the attaching fasteners to 300 in-lbs. and secure the rod ends by tightening the jam nuts.

FAS200 (blk 3) Parts List

Item No          Part No             Description                            Qty/kit

1                   8S1005             Axle pickup, semi-elliptic            1
2                   8S0052             Hard Point                               1
3                   8S0039             Rod Assembly                         1
4                   8S0015             Pivot Anchor                            1
5                   MM-6                Rod-end, 3/8 , male, RH             1
6                   MB-6                Rod-end, 3/8 , male, LH             1
7                   ST0006             Tapered spacer, 3/8 id               1
8                   SR0608-01c       Spacer, 3/8 X1/2 X1/16              3
9                   AN316-6R          Hex jam nut,, RH, 3/8-24            1
10                  AN316-6L            Hex jam nut, LH, 3/8-24             1
11                  HF0614               Bolt, 3/8-24x1.75 , gr5               2
12                  HF0618               Bolt, 3/8-24x2.25 , gr5               4
13                  NP1061               Hex nut, 3/8-24, gr5                  6
14                  WS3062             SAE washer, 3/8 id                   2
15                  WL3061               Split lockwasher, 3/8 id             6