The mounting blocks are to be fixed at each end of the bar under the front of the subframe where there is a double thickness of metal close to the forward tie-bar brackets. Loosely assemble the blocks to the bar, one positioned between the locating rings - offer the bar up to the lower front edge of the front subframe. Mark their positions through bolts hole in mounts, ensuring the bar is not toughing the subframe at any point. Due to manufacturing tolerances and ride height differences, the bar may just touch the forward tie-rod brackets. If clearance cannot be gained by careful positioning of the mounting blocks it will be necessary to grins a small amount of the bracket away. Drill holes 5/16" where marked. Assemble blocks and bar to subframe using flat 5/16" washers under bolt heads and Nyloc nuts holding them to subframe. Tighten nuts gradually, checking bar is free to swing at each stage until nuts are tight. It may be necessary to remove plating from bar, a little copper-based grease is advised. Screw lock nuts onto rod-ends then into drop link bars.

Assemble sliders to 5/16" rod-ends using 1-1/2" x 5/16"UNF bolts and Nyloc nuts. Screw 3/4" x 1/4"UNC locking bolts into underside of sliders and fit to bar lever arms. Remove standard damper to top arm mounting pins and replace with 4-1/2" x 3/8" cap bolts, fitting tapered spacers - narrow end towards rod-ends - between rod-ends and top arms. Adjust drop link lengths so bar is under NO tension with drivers weight in car and car standing on level ground. Sliding links forward shortens effective lever arm length, making bar appear 'stronger'. Sliding them backwards weakens it. Sliders should be set at equal distances from bar ends, and clamped in place by tightening- up the 1/4"UNC bolts against the bar. NOTE - Because the drop links and anti-roll bar lever arms run close to the tie-rods, they may foul each other when whole front of car is jacked with both wheels at maximum droop. Drop links should therefore be attached at first assembly with car sitting on ground.