Bra Materials: The Right and The Wrong Approach

The basic Materials used in the construction of all Colgan Custom bras is, simply stated, a synthetic backed vinyl that resembles the average upholstery (naugahyde - type) material. However, the non-discernable differences are the vinyl coating and the non mar-backing.

As the originators of the bra we started with the available upholstery materials. We experienced many unexpected problems due mainly to temperature changes. The summer heat would cause the cover to soften and become ill fitting. The covers would be almost impossible to install because of stiffness in sub zero winters. To circumvent this problem, all Colgan Custom covers are made from material with a special vinyl coating. This material was formulated some years ago, especially for us, with this temperature problem in mind.

As for the breathable materials, most breathables where developed for cushioning. This feature is fine for that purpose. Sitting on and getting up from cushions allows the intake and exhaust of air. Not so when this material is lying tightly over flat metal hoods, fenders, etc. in humid areas this feature allows moisture in faster than it allows moisture out. Also, the possibility exists that the abrasive dust may enter between the cover and the vehicle finish. That potential hazard was quickly evident in our early experiments with the breathable materials some years ago.

Our material is time tested and proven. Nothing equal to it or better is currently available to manufacturers of this type of product.

Colgan Custom Manufacturing
Bill Colgan