Terminology -
Anti-roll bar - Sway bar This bar has been developed to complement those road cars fitted with post 1990 rubber springs. Being the softest compound yet used on the Mini in an attempt to improve comfort, they allow more body roll, thus compromising the sublime grip and cornering capability the Mini was endowed with at it's concept. Particularly where the fashionable 13-inch wheels are used. This bar will not only reduce body roll, but also slightly reduce dive under braking and squat under acceleration. The bar is aimed at the general daily driver. For more progressive drivers it is highly recommended that its used in conjunction with rear anti-roll bar kit C-AJJ4009. By testing various settings its possible to attain a very well balanced fast road car with improved steering response to compliment the other advantages of these bars. To combat this and regain the status quo, the new adjustable front anti-roll bar was developed to mount simply to the subframe and tie-rods without fouling on any under-pinnings. Its also serviceable on earlier cars, further enhancing the Mini’s great handling. We do, however, highly recommend using it in conjunction with the C-AJJ4009 fixed rear anti-roll bar for maximum effect and balance. Correction of any suspension geometry discrepancies will also further enhance the over-all handling.