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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Bumpers & All Rear Number Plates

MINI Catalog Page 12-27
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Part No



  MSSK010 1
Fitting kit for MK1 bumper/overider/corner bar
Not Shown
  MSSK011 1
Fitting kit for MK2 overider (car set)
Not Shown
MS25 1
Bumpers with over riders, complete kit
14A6779-MS 2
MKI bumper, no holes, chrome, aftermarket
14A9871 2
MKI bumper with corner bar holes
14A6779 2
MKI bumper, no holes, polished stainless steel
14A9923 2
Drilled over rider for corner bars R/F or L/R
14A9924 2
Drilled over rider for corner bars L/F or R/R
14A8738 4
Over rider, not drilled, stainless
14A9877 1
Front right hand corner bar
14A9878 1
Front left hand corner bar
14A9919 1
Rear right hand corner bar
14A9920 1
Rear left hand corner bar
GHF102 4
Bolt corner bar to bumper (Part of MSSK010)
GHF331 14
Spring washer (Part of MSSK010)
10  14A9879 4
Alloy distance piece (Part of MSSK010)
11  GHF117 4
Bolt for corner bar to overider (Part of MSSK010)
12  GHF300 10
Plain washer (Part of MSSK010)
13  SH605101 4
Overider bolt (Part of MSSK010)
14  14A7598 4
Overider fixing bracket (Part of MSSK010)
15  37H9871-IN  
Seating for overider (Part of MSSK010) per inch
6" per overider
16  14A7304 6
Bumper bolt not Clubman (already fitted in bumper)
Use PAN118
17  GHF200 6
18  CZH600 1
Clubman chrome front bumper
19  CZH1762 2
Underider for Clubman
No Longer Available
20  CZH606 4
Spacer for underider and bumper
No Longer Available
21  JRC8268 2
Nimbus bumper Mini 25 and Export
21  EAM9219 2
Black bumper, fits Clubman rear or Mini front/rear
No Longer Available
21  CZH605 1
Clubman chrome rear bumper except Estate
22  CZH900 1
Rear 1/4 bumper R/H Clubman Estate
No Longer Available
22  CZH901 1
Rear 1/4 bumper L/H Clubman Estate
No Longer Available
23  14A7550 2
Rear 1/4 bumper chrome except Clubman
23  EAM9248 2
Rear 1/4 bumper black except Clubman
24  14A7625 2
Rear number plate buffer MK1/2
25  14A6468 1
MK1/2 rear number plate
26  14A6466 1
R/H hinge for number plate, 14A6468
26  14A6467 1
L/H hinge for 14A6468
27  14A7552 1
Rear number plate Van/Estate
27  14A7552SS 1
Stainless Steel rear number plate, Van/Estate
28  14A8366 2
Bracket for 14A7552
29  GHF1030 2
Plastic nut for 14A7552
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