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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Brake Master Cylinders and Pedal Assembly

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Classic Mini Cooper Brake Pedal & Master Cylinders

MINI Catalog Page 9-9
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Part No



21A1065 1
Brake pedal R/H/D pre 1976
No Longer Available
21A1066 1
Brake pedal L/H/D pre 1976
No Longer Available
NAM3112 1
Brake pedal R/H/D 1976 on
No Longer Available
NAM3111 1
Brake pedal L/H/D 1976 on
No Longer Available
2A3034 1
Brake pedal bush
2A5880 1
Shaft for brake and clutch pedal
2A5652 1
Pedal return spring manual only
GPR104 1
Pedal pad pre 1976
GPR107 1
Pedal pad 1976 to 1990
SZU10001 1
Pedal pad 1990 on
Brake master cylinder, .625
No Longer Available
GMC153 1
Brake master cylinder, .75
Use GMC171
GMC171 1
Brake master cylinder, .70
Plastic reservoir. See GMC171/ORIG for metal.
GMC172 1
Brake master cylinder, .70
Cooper ‘S’
Classic Mini Brake Master .70 Bore Metal Reservoir
GMC159 1
Brake m/cylinder, .70
Front to rear
GMC160 1
Brake master cylinder, .70
Diagonal split
10  GMC167 1
Brake Master Cylinder Dual Late For Canada Models
No Longer Comes With Failure Switch
10  GMC227 1
Brake m/cyl, failure switch on body, use GMC227
Front to rear 1980-85
11  GMC192/195 1
Brake m/cylinder switch on cap, use GMC227
Front to rear 1980-85
11  GMC227 1
Brake m/cyl, failure switch on cap, November 1985 on
Yellow identity band
12  GMC242 1
Brake master cylinder for built in servo
13  GRK6010 1
Reservoir for GMC242
No Longer Available
14  8G8258 1
Repair kit for GMC153
14  8G8689 1
Repair kit for GMC171/2, one end cap seal, one ring seal
14  SSB795 1
Repair kit for GMC105
No Longer Available
15  GRK1006 1
Repair kit for GMC171/2 with two ring seals
16  LSSB927 1
Repair kit for GMC159/160
17  GRK1002 1
Repair kit for GMC167 metric thread master cylinder
also M1401
17  GRK1016 1
Repair kit for GMC173/195/198/192 (Metric union)
Pre yellow band
17  GRK1035 1
Repair kit for GMC227 (yellow identity band) (Metric union)
18  GRK1032 1
Repair kit for GMC242 (Metric union)
19  BAU5654 1
R/H/D brake pipe kit ß to convert to GMC227 when
When fitting GMC227
19  BAU5655 1
L/H/D brake pipe kit GMC173/195/198/192 was fitted
12mm lower union
20  AAU3815 1
Filler cap for GMC159/160
21  513123A 1
Filler cap for GMC153/171/172
22  AEU1796 1
Filler cap with failure switch
23  GRK6009 1
Cap and float switch for GMC242
24  AAU8240 1
Filler cap and seal GMC167/173
25  37H2769 1
Push rod for GMC159/160
No Longer Available
25  BAU1273 1
Push rod for GMC173/192/195/198
No Longer Available
26  AAU1752A 1
Brake failure switch on master cylinder body
No Longer Available
27  CLZ512 1
Clevis pin, pedal to cylinder
28  31G840 1
Gasket under dual master cylinder
29  31G279 1
Gasket under single line master cylinder
30  13H7557 1
Inertia valve, L/H/D only 1969 to 1974
No Longer Available
30  21A2031 1
Regulator valve single line MK3 Mini 850/998 only
No Longer Available
30  21A1774 1
Regulator valve single line, MK1/2 plus all Cooper ‘S’
31  GRK6002 1
Repair kit for regulator valve
No Longer Available
32  37H2009 1
Regulator spring for 21A2031
32  27H6620 1
Regulator spring for 21A1774
33  FAM7821 1
PDWA valve fitted on bulkhead 1978 on
Tandem front to rear
34  BHA4661 1
Plastic extension piece, fits to master cylinder
Single line
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