It's always good to see someone else (especially when they're experts) do the project you're interested in. It goes a long way in helping you through the process. That's why we've compiled these Classic Mini Suspension How-To Videos that you could easily look through and hopefully find the project you're interested in.

We'd like to thank both Steveston Motor Co for their videos (you can see more of their Classic Mini Videos on their YouTube Channel) as well as our in-house crew of experts - who can help you with any Classic Mini project you might have, not just with Suspension Assemblies: all you gotta do is give us a call!

Jump to the Suspension Video(s) you might be interested in:

And to find any suspension part you need, check out our Classic Mini Suspension Parts page.

How To Improve Your Classic Mini's Suspension

How the Classic Mini Suspension Works

How-To: Install Hi-Lo Suspension Upgrade in the Classic Mini Cooper Rear Subframe (No. 1)

How-To: Upgrade to a Hi-Lo Suspension in your Classic Mini (No. 2)

How-To: Assemble a Classic Mini Subframe (Front Assembly, Part 1)

How-To: Assemble a Classic Mini Subframe (Rear Assembly, Part 2)

How-To: Remove the Front Subframe on a Classic Mini

How-To: Install Ball Joints on a Classic Mini